Hyundai Reantal Care

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Mission & Vision

We will become a company that creates the joy in your lives.

Hyundai Rental Care’s Value-based Management

    Hyundai Rental Care will become a company
    that creates the joy in your lives!
    We will always try to come up with the better products
    or services to add more values to all our customers daily lives .
    #1 Rental Care Corportaion in the year 2020 (More than one million substribers, 250 billion won turnover) We will not stop challenging ourselves to add more
    values to our customers lives, and also to
    become the best rental company in the nation.

Down Up

Hyundai Rental Care’s Core Value

Hyundai Rental Care approaches to its customers and future-headed services with the following five beliefs.

Customers First

Our priority is impressing our customers.

We will listen to our customer’s voices , look to the customers’ point.
We will keep our promises to our customers.


Always be willing to change for the customers.

We will not cease our quest for a better future and for all of our customers’ satisfaction

Trust and

We always keep our promises with our customers and businesses.

Trust and Responsibility are Hyundai Rental Care’s mission.

Number 1
Rental Corp.

We will not become the Number 1 without putting any effort.

We will aim to become the # 1 rental Corporation with the ceaseless innovation.
We will continue to make efforts for the differentiated services and products.


Hyundai Rental care’s employees represent the company’s face.

All of our Hyundai Rental Care Corp. staff members would like to dedicate its
best efforts for all of our customers’ satisfaction.